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Our most popular services for new clients and occasional cleanings:

A La Carte

$40/ labor hour for each Charming Professional Cleaner (2 hour minimum applies, billed in 15-min increments after).
This option provides you the flexibility to pick and choose what you want cleaned! You can choose however many Cleaning Professionals you want and how long you want them to clean. Be sure to do a thorough walk-through before & after each service. You’re the boss!

Relocation Cleaning

$40/ labor hour for each Charming Professional
Customize your Charm Package by adding the Move-in/Move-out option. Giving you the comprehensive cleaning you need. See our Side-by-side Service Comparison to learn more and find the right package for you and add this option to have our crew stay as long as needed.

Extra TLC Charm

$40/labor hour for each Charming Professional
If your casa needs a deeper cleaning, or perhaps you just have a few extras that require more cleaning, don’t fret… just let us know by adding the Extra Charm option! The additional time required to complete the job to match your needs can be added in 15-minute increments!

Window Washing

$3 – $10 per Window
Clear and clean windows are essential to any beautiful home, so open up the skies by having Charming Casa wash your window glass with our eco-friendly solution! Add the service to any Charm Package or select this as a stand-alone service. Call or email us for more information and to get your quote today!

Standard Cleaning Packages for regularly  maintained homes