Pro Tips – Get the Most from your appointment!

We want to make sure you have a wonderful Charming Casa experience.  The following are some basic details regarding what you can expect from your charm-up visit.  Please contact us directly should you need any additional information or have special circumstances that should be considered.

Our Satisfaction Promise
If for any reason the work is not done to your satisfaction, please alert us immediately during our post-cleaning walk through, or by using the myriad forms by which we facilitate feedback, so that we can make sure we take care of you and make everything right. We hold client satisfaction as our top priority, so please contact us directly and let us deliver on our promise!

Tip 1

A “general house clean” is a general house clean

This includes dusting and a top-down cleaning of the surfaces throughout the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, living spaces, and floors. However, a general cleaning does not include things like inside of cabinets, ovens, or fridges, nor does it include blinds, windows, walls, outside areas, or garages. Let us know if you need any of these things done beforehand, as we can most likely accommodate your needs for a little extra charge. We love to be of service to meet your needs!


Tip 2

Pets add cleaning time

Keep in mind that your pets make messes too. If there is pet hair and fur everywhere, vacuuming and wiping surfaces will take a lot longer. For a more efficient and effective cleaning appointment, you can minimize animal fur in the house. Otherwise, you should book the cleaners for more time or include the Extra TLC add-on.

Tip 3

A bit of pre-cleaning or maintenance cleaning” goes a long way

Our cleaning professionals will clean most effectively and efficiently when there is less clutter to work around or less build up of grime on the surfaces. With that in mind, if you want to get the most out of your cleaning appointment, please keep the areas that need to be cleaned free of lots of items to be moved around or put away. Similarly, the more dirt, grease, or soap scum that the crew has to work through, the longer the appointment will take.

Tip 4

Green cleaning supplies are effective and safe, but they take a little extra time and effort

If you have some very tough grime and buildup in certain areas, you can provide your own cleaning supplies and ask our cleaning crew to use those instead. For the tough areas or stains that might not come all the way clean, we will try our best and do whatever we can within reason to get it as close to new as possible.

Tip 5

Watch the clutter

Many customers don’t understand that cleaning a cluttered apartment or condo takes a lot of extra effort. Working around our clients’ personal or work items and random objects can be very tricky and dramatically impact the timing of a job. This can be one of the hardest parts of the job, especially if things are stacked or clustered on the floor. If possible, try to pick things up off the floor and straighten up a bit before the cleaners arrive. Please don’t leave dishes or laundry washing all over the place. Allowing for the crew to easily get to the surfaces that need to be cleaned will give you the most bang for your buck! Otherwise, we are happy to accommodate if you want our crew to tidy up the clutter, but please book additional time or include the Extra TLC add-on.

Tip 6

“A-la-carte” or a “Package”… which one is right for you?

The A-la-carte service is our default and we normally send one or two cleaning professionals based on your needs. If you want to have our maids do a general cleaning all throughout the home, then perhaps a Package service might work for you. Call us to discuss so that we can get you a customized quote and help you book the appointment that will work best for your home cleaning needs!